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Male ~ 1955 ~ Available
Before I go, I’d like to know what true love really is and experience that for a while.
Share a lot of what ever time remains with someone special.
Write several books, and try to make life comfortable.
To not be completely forgotten too quickly.
Just be myself.
Reasons for, and purpose of, writing this:
1 ~ Since most likely no one will write an Epitaph for me when I eventually croak, I thought this may partly serve that purpose in some way too. Think of this a sort of “foot print”. There is a foot print, so he must have been here, he must have existed. I left tracks, therefore, I am, or was. It’s not that I’m anything or anyone that’s special. It’s just that if later on, if someone should look for me, maybe this will still be here long enough for them to find it? Find me in a way?
2~ For anyone that I know now, or haven’t met yet, it could be an easy way to share a lot at their convenience. Save us both the time of having to sit and rattle off all these stories. Things that may not normally come up in everyday conversations, but little tidbits that might add some detail in defining who I am to them?
3 ~ I like to write. I write when I can focus, get the mental energy up, and find the time to follow through. Did I mention when I can focus? haha Where was I?…
4 ~ Seems like a good idea at the time.
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3 Responses to About

  1. Have you joined a singles online dating service? This is a nice heartfelt story in which a woman will respond to. You only need one true love. You only need one lady to respond.

    • offworldengineer says:

      So true Katrina. Since my divorce, I’ve taken a few chances and only ended up the same as I am now. Me, myself, I, and of course my dog. hahahaaa It’s almost as if they expect perfection, when they are of course not perfect either. Or, they expect openness and honesty while they are not. Or, worst of all, they are just angry control freaks! I sure don’t need a caretaker nor a keeper. I need a partner. The proverbial “other half” that would make a whole, and the bond would spring naturally to life. I think that may be a long wait for me, if it is even ever meant to be.

  2. 13lizzies says:

    I understand what you mean about wanting the other half or a partner. I have had trouble finding someone who can just deal with me, raw,real,authentic, and just want some simplicity with a splash of excitement occasionally.
    Even though I’m technically dating someone , it’s becoming clear he has no time for me. I’ve been home from the hospital for 2 weeks and have asked him to come take a gentle walk with me. It’s never happened, and I’m finding myself lucky to even get a daily text. Apparently, I don’t matter much. It’s ok, I can move forward with my proverbial single life. I hope you find a partner who truly appreciates you and gives you proper love. I hope it for me too. We deserve it!!

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