All Alone

I was going through a container the other day, and found what used to be our family bible. It’s still a bible, but we’re no longer a family, and that’s what makes it a used to be. I didn’t even know that I had it. Though that you did, or maybe it had just gotten lost somewhere in the years along the way, just like we had. I spent some time with it, looking through it. Looks like we had gotten it from John and Roseanne, as they had written inside that it was a gift from them. We, well one of us, had written the birth information for our kids in there, where they have spaces for that. Tucked inside the back cover was a letter from your Grandma Nellie, from when she had been in town looking for your grandpa who was on an unscheduled “walkabout”, and I had driven her around the city looking for him. Grandma Nellie had also done a sketch of our daughter on some letter paper, and had included that in the letter. It must have been important to you, at least at one time, and that’s why you had saved it by tucking it in the bible?

Since I’ve found this letter, I’ve been wondering if you’d like to have it? Trying to think of ways to ask you about that, without actually contacting you and pissing you off again. This is the best I could come up with. You may not be able to get a phone number for me, not because I don’t have one, and not because I wouldn’t want to take your call. I still have the same e-mail that I used before. That hasn’t changed and I’m pretty sure you remember it, well maybe… If you’d like that letter, just let me know and let me know where to send it.

Maybe one day, you or one of the kids or grand kids will wander by here and stumble across this post? If and when anyone does… I hope that everyone is well, and that you are all taking good care of one another. Best wishes for everyone ~ Mike

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Still alone. Still Alive. Still Unbroken.
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