Principles Vs Rules

Rules are OK… You memorize them, follow them, and before long you’re hopelessly wrapped up in and bound by  them. Rules are restricting, controlling, and in my humble opinion they can be stifling in undesirable ways.

Principles are also OK… They are concepts that  you acquire, learn, and integrate in to your way of thinking, analyzing, and maybe behaving as well? Principles encourage a natural progression of thought, growth, and evolution.

I prefer principles over rules.

Rules can be followed. Principles can be lived.

In my waking hours today, I was doing some self-evaluation of my worth. How do I live? What have I learned? How am I applying my experience in ways that benefit others and myself alike? What treasures have I come to know that are now part of myself and add to my value as a person, a human being? On the drive to where I perform tasks, these thoughts refined themselves, and throughout the day, they became clear. These are not mine, although I possess them. Anyone could also find these treasures on their own, and they could possess them as easily as I do.

Before I share these treasures here, I feel I should explain something about the value of them. It’s a different kind of treasure, these are… If you have a single very valuable gem for example, it’s singularity and uniqueness is what enhances it’s value. If suddenly, many of the same gems were to come in to existence, the value of the original gem and the value of each duplicate gem would be degraded. If duplicates, copies, twins, etc, kept coming in to existence, a saturation may be reached at some point, and then this gem would become common, much less valuable than it originally was. It may even lose all of it’s value simply because of it’s number, and become nothing more than mundane grains of sand…

These treasures, unlike those gems, hold value that has a unique quality to them. These principles, as there are more copies of them, they increase in value! As more individuals possess these treasures, these principles, they add value to each other as their number increases. Principles can be written on paper since they have to be learned, applied, and grown. These principles take life and also give it. As they evolve to become a living part of the living being they share life with, they also radiate life within their environment and their host. anyone can become a beacon of light where ever they go…

Let Love overwhelm Anger.

Let Patience overwhelm Frustration.

Let Compassion overwhelm Meanness.

Let Courage overwhelm Fear.

Let Generosity overwhelm Inequity.

Let Introspection overwhelm Judgement.

Let Forgiveness overwhelm Imperfection.

Let an Open Heart overwhelm a Closed Door.


I may never find what I’m looking for… I’m alive, and I’ll live, and I’ll keep looking…Maybe she knows who she is? Maybe she’ll never know…  ::sigh::  Life goes on…



About offworldengineer

Still alone. Still Alive. Still Unbroken.
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