You want it darker?~ Leonard Cohen

Not having a TV for over a year, and having slim choices on the number of stations I could get on my vintage 70’s clock radio with the FM band, I spent a lot of time listening to  central Wisconsin NPR. I heard about Leonard Cohen’s release “You Want It Darker?” that way, and immediately it became a favorite of mine. Not very long afterwards, Mr Cohen passed away, God bless him. You can look him up easily, and you may be surprised about how much this musical legend gave us. That’s up to you, but I sincerely recommend it.

Before you watch the following video, just a short bit of information that should make the video more understandable and enjoyable, as there is a “context” necessary to understand and appreciate the word “Hineni” used throughout the song. Not understanding what this word is and it’s meaning would be like going to see “2001: A Space Odyssey” without reading the book first. Yeah it’s like that… Take the time for a short lesson, and you’ll probably really enjoy the song and video SO much more!


Hineini means, “I am here for you fully, with the trust and vulnerability to do whatever it is you ask of me.” except from article-

and now the song and video….

You Want It Darker? from VEVO at


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