Not Dead Yet

It’s been quite a long time since I felt the motivation & energy at the same time which is required to write anything about anything…

Life goes on. In between dealing with day to day things, these last few years have been useful to me in unexpected, but necessary, ways. Too much to even begin to get in to for right now. I’ll just say that 8 years is almost enough, and I know there is still a long way to go. Much ground, much history, much learning, still ahead.

Where I’m at right now is a place where I can see the world and the people in new ways. 99% of my family & friends have been left behind. It’s finally been quiet long enough to really hear, really see, and hoping to someday maybe really feel something again.

I ran across this band, The Dead south, quite a while back… The first video/song I saw as “In hell I’ll be in good company”. Awesome…

More recently, “Broken Cowboy”, really hit home for me in some many ways, it’s eerie. Born in ’55, etc etc etc… I love this tune. Mainly, because it’s quiet here. Enjoy.







About offworldengineer

Still alone. Still Alive. Still Unbroken.
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1 Response to Not Dead Yet

  1. 13lizzies says:

    Good to see you around again. I’ve actually been thinking about you ever since you left a poignant comment on my blog so long ago. Leaving people behind is hard. I’ve left people and been left. Lots of solitude lately. I guess it’s the path for some.

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