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The Mystery of Ultima Thule

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Dec. 18, 2018: When NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft flew past Pluto three years ago, mission scientists watching the first close-up images were shocked. Despite being stuck in the deep freeze of the Solar System 6…

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TRIGGER WARNING!!! If there is ANY doubt on your mind, then skip this article! Decided to share one of many stories that is a building block in my life history that’s only added to the construction and reinforcement of my … Continue reading

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Moments of Hope

This is the first post in my new category called “Moments of Hope” 06-21-2018 Life goes on a long time, at least for most. There are so may twists & turns in our path, that we could have never expected, … Continue reading

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A Personal Epiphany

Wow… How many of these can one have in a single lifetime? Seems like everyone (well, at least many I think) would like to find that one special song, book, movie, or whatever, which seems to have come in to … Continue reading

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It’s 2018… April almost May? Already? Time flies…

I can’t believe a whole year has passed since my last post… Not much of a surprise really when you live every day out in the zone some place. In at least one regard, it seems like the last year … Continue reading

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Opening My Eyes

Life is a journey. It’s more so about the trip, and not so much the destination. So I’ve been heard and have been told many times… There seems to be a lot of truth in this. I’ve spent the last … Continue reading

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The leaps and bounds of March 2017

March is a very busy and eventful month! Holy crap Batman! Break out the Bat Calendar! Starts of with the “jump ahead an hour”, Daylight Savings Time, event at 2:00 a.m. local time for most people. This used to be … Continue reading

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You want it darker?~ Leonard Cohen

Not having a TV for over a year, and having slim choices on the number of stations I could get on my vintage 70’s clock radio with the FM band, I spent a lot of time listening to¬† central Wisconsin … Continue reading

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January 2017

Halfway through 61 now. Well almost… Now that I can do things again because I can, I have no clue on what it may be, that I would like to do. Thought about building a time machine. Same old, same … Continue reading

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