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December 2016

Cold and getting colder. Snowed in just a little. Back from a several year long trek, well almost back, through some dark and empty places. When close to 40 years of your life just disappears, becomes as meaningless as if … Continue reading

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Happy 40th Birthday

The headline really says it all.

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Christmas 2014

Where do I begin… To the ones who’ve left themselves behind. To the younger one, I wish you a Merry Christmas. I really do hope that you’re doing well. Maybe you’ve learned to set aside the meanness and the anger? … Continue reading

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The wayward child

During the middle and later 90’s, I was driving a semi for a scrap metal company in Chicago. Most of my runs were to neighboring states, like Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin. I also had few runs that took me to … Continue reading

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Yeah… Some days… It’s just like that…   and I can’t pass up not adding the tune Ghostrider by Spiderbait   Happy Halloween

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Bachelor’s Grove ~ The Adventure

I’ve added a recent article from FOX 32 NEWS here, and recommend reading that, or just follow this link if it works…. Now, for my story… Having grown up in the southwest suburbs of Chicago, I was familiar with … Continue reading

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Chicago home to North America’s most haunted cemetery – FOX 32 News Chicago

Chicago home to North America’s most haunted cemetery – FOX 32 News Chicago.

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What would I do if?…

“What would I do if…” covers many things. Today though, I’m going to focus on myself, my life, my situation, my dreams, my hopes, and maybe a few fears or concerns as well. Considering the “what ifs” of when things … Continue reading

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Yes, I like some Country and Western Music

feeling just a little nostalgic today… so I thought I’d share these. They always snap me right out of it, and back to reality……. 🙂     and this is a real golden oldie….  

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Who Am I?

That’s a good question. One that I’m still figuring out, through much research and discovery. Not long ago, I had done the DNA testing for lineage offered on While I was still fairly young, I was told by … Continue reading

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