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Sometimes, no matter how cold, heartless, and cruel, life has been for you, there are times when you just try to do your best and be “the Shepard”.

People will see you as they want to, no matter what the truth really is. Very often, how one person sees another is grossly wrong. Several reasons for this. Maybe the most common reason for people bring wrong is because they base their opinion of someone else solely on their own perceptions and knowledge. In other words, they either commend or condemn someone based solely on the “small and shallow slice” that they are privileged to be aware of regarding the way someone else is “seen”. The character and nature of anyone has great depth and width. No character and nature of anyone is without fault. Anyone who denies any of this is living in a false reality, because they have chosen to pick and choose what they deem to be real in order to satisfy their own ego. People will often point to the faults in others so that they may feel better about themselves. When people feel that they have sufficiently faulted someone else, it then somehow elevates them to the point where now they are better than that other person. People feeling elevated often then feel that this somehow empowers and validates them to the point where now they may pass judgement on others. It’s the weak that wear their lies like it’s fine clothing and curse anyone who dares to question their false reality.

No one is perfect, therefore no one can justly judge another by any small slice no matter how much truth may, or may not be, present. People are always quick to point fingers and try to paint others based on some convenient or most obvious faults and misdeeds. These same people will always overlook or devalue anything good or redeeming in the people they’re being critical of as well. Too often, the critics are so wrapped up and motivated to cut someone down, that they don’t even consider the unknown good deeds and qualities of another character. Also, they will intentionally brush aside all good deeds and qualities that they are aware of, just because it’s convenient to do so. It serves their own corrupted intentions and reinforces their own construction of false reality. When people want someone to be good, they should recognize, acknowledge, and do what they can to foster the growth of those qualities. Feed the good, starve the bad. Unfortunately, some people, knowingly or out of ignorance, will recognize, acknowledge, and do what they can to foster the growth of the bad qualities in someone else. Every fault, mistake, misdeed, goes up on the refrigerator with a magnet, for all the world to see. Nothing good is ever placed there.

A few good deeds I’ve done are known by some. Most good deeds though, they were just done with being made special in any way because they were just the right thing to do. I hear echoes of being told and reminded so many times about how “the right thing to do” doesn’t count, just because it’s the right thing to do anyhow. That’s bull… It takes an equal amount of effort and character to do the right thing as it does to do otherwise. Some people, maybe many people, need to wake up to this fact? That’s the first step out of your false reality and in to a place of truth. If you’re going to tally the bad, then you also need to tally the good, because it’s where you end up at that “bottom line” one day that will really count and will be the only thing that really matters.

The wayward child

During the middle and later 90’s, I was driving a semi for a scrap metal company in Chicago. Most of my runs were to neighboring states, like Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin. I also had few runs that took me to … Continue reading

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