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You will fail

If I had just a nickel for every time I was told in some way that I was stupid, I would fail, did not deserve something, would never be able to accomplish something, had no chance of being a worthy … Continue reading

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Mowing can wait, I need to write.

Waiting for my pot of coffee to brew, it’s the beginning of another Shit Sunday… Most days, my own situation seems pretty hopeless. It being much closer to impossible than anything else. I get by in just living a day, … Continue reading

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This won’t be a very large post, mostly because I think the truths I’ll write about here are pretty obvious. Of course, I doubt if most of the stone throwers or grudge carriers will get very much from this. I … Continue reading

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Getting in trouble

Have you ever had to make a decision about something and you let your worry about maybe getting “in trouble” or what other people think influence you, or even decide for you? Most likely, and who hasn’t? Here is an … Continue reading

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