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There are a many points in every life where all future events hinge on one decision. Those are the “If I could change one thing…” moments. You make a decision then act on it. This sets a whole lifelong chain of events in motion. There are always at least two possible outcomes, decisions, but often more. Choosing nothing is always an option as well, as it’s still making a choice. Making a choice throws a switch on that railway of your life, and down that track you’ll go. It’s a one way trip. No going back. It’s a rare occasion when you may be able to rejoin some track that you were on on the past, but it does happen. Still, no matter what you do, nothing can ever be undone. You are on the rails of life, and you can only travel in one direction.


This won’t be a very large post, mostly because I think the truths I’ll write about here are pretty obvious. Of course, I doubt if most of the stone throwers or grudge carriers will get very much from this. I … Continue reading

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Getting in trouble

Have you ever had to make a decision about something and you let your worry about maybe getting “in trouble” or what other people think influence you, or even decide for you? Most likely, and who hasn’t? Here is an … Continue reading

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